It took a reckless driver relieving himself into a bottle in July with a passenger in the back to bring attention to a huge problem in the For-hire Vehicle (FHV) industry: There are nowhere near enough “relief stands,” particularly considering there are currently 100,000 FHV drivers on the road in NYC now. In fact, there are fewer than 20 designated “FHV relief stands” in Manhattan, where drivers can park for up to hour to take care of their business.

“Pretty much, the city is the only one that can resolve this issue. And that’s very easy – by just changing the signs and allowing the drivers to relieve themselves,” said Aziz Bah of the Independent Drivers Guild. “The number is multiplying very rapidly every single year. Yet, the relief stands are only 19.”

Once drivers park at those relief stands, they have to count on the mercy of businesses that welcome them, making it even more difficult in the wee hours of the morning, when everything is closed.

Although there are far fewer yellow and green cab drivers, the Transportation Department has set aside 38 relief stands for them in Manhattan.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission said the driver “used poor judgement in his desperation” – but acknowledged that “bathroom access is a real problem for drivers, resulting in health risks.”

Click here for a complete list of FHV and Taxi Relief Stands in NYC.

Source: NY1

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