Fast Track Mobility announced in November the launch of an innovative Driver Success Rewards program developed specifically for their TLC Rental Car customers in the For-Hire-Vehicle (FHV) industry – including app-based services and traditional FHV bases.

This innovative, first-of-its kind program will immediately offer Fast Track customers the ability to earn Driver Success Reward points redeemable towards gift cards from such brands as Amazon, Best Buy, Lowes and Nike, as well as Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks – just to name a few. Points will also be redeemable for entries into special promotions for items like AirPods, TV’s, event tickets, dream vacations and more.

Managed through the proprietary Fast Track Driver’s App, the rewards program will also serve as the entryway for customers to save on everyday expenses by providing free access to local and national discounts from leading brands. Future benefits will include travel related discounts and educational courses in exchange for earned points.

“We are truly excited to be able to offer a rewards program to all our hard working customers who drive rideshare vehicles for Uber, Via, Curb and other bases,” says Eric Rothman, CEO/President, Fast Track Mobility, “The customer experience is part of what sets Fast Track apart from our competition. Our hope is that this program not only enhances that experience, but also helps alleviate some of the daily stresses associated with their job by helping drivers save on everyday expenses while also getting something back.”

The program features:

  • Silver, Gold and Platinum Tiers
  • Reward points for everyday Fast Track transactions
  • Points redeemable towards gift cards, discounts, travel, trips and more…

Fast Track Mobilityis an authorized Uber Partner Dealership, a Via Official Partner and an Official Partner Provider of Curb. Established in 2014, the For- Hire-Vehicle Rental provider is based in Long Island City, with locations throughout NYC. For more information,, call (718)-370-0775 or

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