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Safe travel for those in the entertainment industry has meant the introduction of some extraordinary measures, some of which might serve to inform other industries as travel and events return on a wider scale. According to Business Travel News (BTN), filmmaker Tyler Perry, for instance, set up a system that became known as “camp quarantine.” As cast and crew have needed to travel from Los Angeles to Atlanta, an intricate testing process has become a requirement. Perry has used a combination of negotiated travel with United and some private charter service to move groups. All passengers must test negative for Covid-19 at a private facility in Los Angeles International Airport within a few days before travel. Upon arrival in Atlanta, they must get another negative test result before being allowed into the “production bubble.” Rigorous testing is conducted throughout a given production and includes “curb-to-curb” health solutions.

For the Motion Picture Corporation of America, this has meant arrivals in Canada are subject to a two-week quarantine, where actors and crew “hole up” in a house or hotel, in addition to rigorous testing and post-quarantine protocols. The company said in Nov. that protocols in the U.S. are still “too wonky and disorganized,” so they hadn’t yet begun shooting here.

Experts estimate that the necessary health and safety protocols can drive up costs by up to 30% and can include everything from Covid-19 maintenance and safety to a concierge service that guides travelers throughout their airport experience. Those returning to travel have focused heavily on communication, such as reminding travelers of itineraries, about the need to bring plenty of masks and detailed instructions for getting through airports and staying in hotels. They also work more closely with suppliers, blocking off space in hotels for production bubbles, and working with transportation suppliers for driver testing.

Next Generation Esports president Jason Woo likened getting travelers back on airplanes to a trip to the dentist, meaning travel managers need to prepare to assuage the fear of the unknown.

Source: BTN

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