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To better serve clients and streamline functionality, East Coast Limousine completed an overhaul of its website in November ( The newly updated website also offers some handy new features and gives users quicker access to important information.

“Most importantly, we wanted to make it easier for our corporate clients to navigate our website, book transportation and use the many features built into their client profiles,” explains Daniel Ensanian, Director of Marketing for East Coast Limousine. “We also improved the mobile and tablet versions of our site, making them more accessible – and we’re still making additional improvements based on client feedback.”

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According to Ensanian, the updated website offers booking and reporting features that are both simplified and more dynamic, making it more attractive for clients to build an online profile. By fine-tuning each section of the website, the user experience has been dramatically improved.

Coming soon: The website will feature a Driver Upload form, which allows drivers that work with the company to submit pertinent information, upload all necessary documents and connect directly to the company’s fleet office.

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Web Driver SignUp Form

For more information, visit or call 917.606.1978

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