Covered drivers of The Black Car Fund (BCF) have been earning $150 to attend the organization’s Wellness, Safety Training & Education Program (Wellness STEP) class for many years. This spring, the BCF revamped its Wellness STEP program, and is allowing drivers to receive a one-time payment of $150, even if they took the previous version of the class.

The revamped Wellness STEP class includes the following:

Hands-Only Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 

Covered Drivers are taught to respond if they are faced with a passenger suddenly collapsing. Basic instruction is provided using a CPR dummy and does not involve mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Share the Road/Vision Zero

This portion of the class discusses the many challenges of sharing the road with pedestrians, bikers, motorcycles, and vendors – something that has become an even greater challenge in recent years, with the addition of bike lanes, Citi Bike, and extended protections for pedestrians.

Free Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening/NY Presbyterian

The New York State Breast and Prostate Cancer Peer Education Program educates participants about the importance of breast and prostate health, focusing on high-risk communities. Education includes symptoms, risk factors, and the recommended screening guidelines, as well as referrals to free testing citywide.

Wellness: Facing the Physical & Mental Challenges of the Road 

Designed to equip drivers with a toolkit of responses to the constant physical and mental demands of working as professional drivers in the NYC metropolitan area, this segment of the class was created and is taught by a licensed professional.

Solutions include:

  • Self-administered physical therapy with classroom instruction
  • Preventative exercises
  • Mental health exercises
  • Self-care/nutrition solutions
  • Constructive group discussion within the class on the shared stress of driving in New York.

The BCF urges all drivers to attend and spread the word to fellow drivers. Register for this class at

Source: New York Black Car Fund

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