The tragic murder of a taxi driver in August devastated a family. The most important thing you do during every shift is get home safely when it’s over. With that in mind, we offer some safety advice this month, along with tips on passenger relations.

Driver Safety

  • Please do not argue with any passengers over a fare.
  • Please do not leave your vehicle if a passenger attempts to flee without paying a fare.
  • Please do not roll your driver-side window down to collect a fare. Always attempt to collect fares while passengers are in your vehicle.
  • When applicable, negotiate fare prices prior to beginning your trip so there is no conflict at the conclusion of the trip.
  • If you operate a vehicle with a partition, consider the hours you are working to determine if the partition will best serve you when CLOSED.
  • Please keep an eye out for your fellow drivers, and if you see anything suspicious, call crime watch at 718-244-4333. You may be the one who needs saving the next time. We all need to be participants – not bystanders – when it comes to matters of safety and security.

Guidelines for Passenger Relations

  • Obtain advanced information regarding your passengers’ destinations. Discuss it with them.
  • Always do your best to be diplomatic, for your own safety and because you not only represent yourself, but also your base or management company.
  • Avoid controversy, never argue with a passenger. They are your temporary employers.
  • Always be polite. Say “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome.”
  • Ask permission if you want to play the radio or adjust the vehicle temperature. Let your passenger dictate whether you play music.
  • Listen more than you speak and let the passenger choose the topic of conversation… or respect your passenger’s right not to have one. Never argue or discuss politics or religion.
  • Be professional and tactful at all times. Allow passengers to vent and apologize when necessary.
  • Remember that you are more than a driver… you are a salesperson representing an entire industry of drivers. Making a good impression and keeping your passengers happy affects all TLC-licensed drivers.
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