Deputy sheriffs seized dozens of vehicles with bogus paper license plates on Bronx streets during an overnight crackdown in Aug. Authorities swept the 45th Precinct in Co-Op City and the bordering 47th Precinct in the north Bronx between midnight and 6 a.m. – netting 76 illicit vehicles, New York City Sheriff Joseph Fucito said.

The officials used license-plate-reader technology to identify some of the offending vehicles, according to Fucito. Two of the rogue vehicles were tractor-trailers, and others included a bucket truck.

In a July Brooklyn sting, sheriffs seized 43 vehicles with bogus paper plates from the confines of the 69th, 63rd and 67th Precincts – which include neighborhoods like Canarsie, Flatbush and Mill Basin. The Aug overnight operation brings the total number of bogus-plate vehicles seized by the sheriff’s office to 196. More than 100 people have been slapped with criminal and civil offenses related to displaying fake plates, according to Fucito.

“Having fraudulent plates on your vehicle opens up the motorist to a slew of vehicle and traffic and parking offenses, as well as potential tax offenses for not paying commercial motor-vehicle tax or motor-vehicle-tax usage,” Fucito said. He added that the owners will be held responsible for any outstanding judgments for unpaid speed, camera, and parking-violation summonses, as well as criminal sanctions for their actions.

Source: The New York Post

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