The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) activated cameras along 28 corridors and began issuing violations March 8. The DOT began issuing bus lane camera violations along the Jay Street busway in Downtown Brooklyn.

Jay Street between Livingston Street and Tillary Street hosts seven bus routes (B26, B54, B57, B61, B62, B65, and B67), carrying 46,000 passengers per weekday. The 0.8-mile busway allows for bus and truck priority from Tillary to Livingston Streets weekdays between 7:00am and 7:00pm.

Since its implementation, the Jay Street busway has brought improvements to travel time and overall traffic on the corridor, according to the DOT. In October 2020, weekday bus speeds increased between 27% and 79% Southbound and from 45% to 81% Northbound when compared to 2019. The corridor also saw up to a 45% reduction of all traffic during peak hours.

DOT will continue to monitor the progress of the busway pilot, ending August 2021.

The corridor has signage indicating the hours of the busway and stating that it is camera enforced. To ensure that drivers were informed about the program, DOT issued warnings to motorists for a minimum of 60 days. Since violations are issued against the vehicle, not the driver, points are not deducted from motorists’ licenses. A single violation will cost $50, with fines increasing for repeat offenders.

Camera enforcement is also already in effect for the following routes:

  • Bx12, along the Fordham Road SBS corridor
  • M15, along the First Avenue and Second Avenue SBS corridors
  • M34, along the 34th Street SBS corridor
  • M60, along the 125th Street SBS corridor
  • B44, along the Nostrand Avenue and Rogers Avenue SBS corridor
  • S79, along the Hylan Boulevard-Richmond Avenue SBS corridor
  • Q44, along the Main Street-Sutphin Boulevard SBS corridor
  • Bx41, along Webster Avenue SBS corridor
  • B46, along Utica Avenue, Broadway, and Malcolm X Boulevard SBS corridor
  • M23, along the 23rd Street SBS corridor
  • Q52/Q53, along the Woodhaven Boulevard corridor, Broadway, and Beach 59th Street
  • Bx6, along East 161st Street SBS corridor
  • B82, along Kings Highway SBS corridor
  • Q58, southbound along Fresh Pond Road
  • B35, along Church Avenue
  • M86, along 86th Street
  • Q4/Q5, along the Jamaica Avenue
  • B25, along Fulton Street
  • B17, along Rockaway Parkway
  • Bx19, along the East 149th Street corridor
  • M103, along Lexington and 3rd Avenues
  • M1/M55, along Broadway
  • M42, along West 42nd Street
  • M14, along the 14th Street corridor
  • M3/M4, along 5th Avenue
  • M1/M2/M3/M4, along Madison Avenue
  • Q17/Q19/ Q20a/Q20b/Q25/Q27/Q34/Q44 SBS/Q50/Q65/Q66, along Main Street, which is currently in the warning period.

Source: New York City DOT

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