46626433 – view of central park in a sunny day in new york city.

Mayor de Blasio wants to “kick cars out of Central Park,” according to several sources. The Mayor wants to ban cars from the handful of roads below 72nd St. where motorists are allowed to drive alongside pedestrians and cyclists during certain hours of the day.

The restriction, which is set to kick in by June, will not apply to the cross-town transverses that drivers and buses use to get across town – but will end automobile traffic on the “loop drives” that run through the interior of the park below 72nd St.

Current rules allow cars on Center Drive from 7am to 7pm weekdays; on West Drive from 8am to 10am weekdays for high-occupancy vehicles only; and on 72nd Cross Street Drive from 8am to 10am on weekdays.

            Source: New York Daily News

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