In June, Matthew W. Daus, Esq. spoke about “Big Transportation Data Access & Privacy in a Multi-Modal Autonomous & Connected World” at the International Symposium on Transportation Data & Modeling, hosted by the University of Michigan. The speech focused on public access to transportation data used for modeling, analytics, studies, and service delivery in a public/private context.

Daus explained that “emerging mobility trends, testing and implementation of automated and connected vehicles, advances in software and data mining for traffic and congestion mitigation, and shared mobility integration with public transit agencies and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) all involve government access to private data.” The legal and regulatory framework currently involves a combination of public/private partnership agreements, agency regulations, and freedom of information laws. His presentation also covered the impact of recent court decisions on who may gain access to transportation data.

Daus also recently wrote a chapter for a book on Taxis published in the Routledge Handbook of Public Transport. The Handbook is a major reference work, written by an international group of experts. It provides an in-depth, evidence-based examination of current issues and addresses future developments and research needs facing public transport.

The chapter on taxis details the history and evolution of the taxi industry, including the socioeconomic impacts of the transportation technology disruption movement initiated by smartphone apps, along with the new regulatory paradigm that has created a dichotomy between traditional incumbent taxicab and for-hire services and transportation network companies. It also analyzes the future of the taxi industry in light of the dynamic multimodal environment and new emerging technologies, including accessible service, multimodal integration public transport (first-and-last-mile), congestion mitigation, driver income and classification, service to underserved and low-income communities, connected and autonomous vehicles, data and privacy issues, regulatory governance, and Mobility-as-a-Service.

Source: Windels Marx

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