Matthew W. Daus Esq. was appointed Co-Chair of Phase II of the Road Adaptation for Autonomous Vehicles (RAAV) Task Force at the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB’s) annual Automated Road Transportation Symposium (ARTS23) in San Francisco this past July. He was appointed by the International Road Federation (IRF Global) at the event, which invites global thought leaders from industry, government, and research communities to discuss opportunities and challenges associated with automating road transportation.

Daus also gave a presentation called, “Don’t Fight the Transportation Regulators: They Will Win!”, which delved into robotaxis’ regulatory governance standards and deployment issues, and highlighted guiding principles for AV deployment, developed by the International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR) – an organization Daus serves as President and Transportation Technology Chair.

According to Daus, automated vehicles (AVs) represent a significant advancement in transportation, but existing guidelines for highway and traffic engineers do not address important safety issues. “As AVs become more prevalent and road infrastructure ages, it becomes increasingly important to incorporate the necessary changes to accommodate the future deployment of AVs,” noted Daus, who is also founder and chair of the Windels Marx Transportation Practice Group.

Source: Windels Marx

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