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For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) service providers are eager to service corporate clients and see the fall in air travel as an opportunity to demonstrate their value by offering “convenient, comfortable, and safe service.” The pandemic may put buyers in a stronger position when it comes to negotiations, but cheaper, less regulated ride-hailing programs may lose some luster, according to experts.

To keep travelers safe and win over corporate business, chauffeured ground transportation companies are implementing hygienic protocols based on public health officials’ recommendations. Most providers require drivers to practice social distancing (no more handshake greetings), along with wearing masks and gloves, disinfecting their vehicles after every ride, and making hand sanitizer gel available to passengers. Some have mandated all multi-purpose vehicles be fitted with fully sealed partitions between the driver and the passenger.

App-based providers like Uber and Lyft have enhanced their sanitation protocols as well, requiring drivers and riders to wear masks and agree to drive with open windows. Drivers are required to declare they are symptom-free before beginning their shift and clean their vehicles between riders. However, these protocols may not be enough to satisfy travel managers, who are looking for increased control over their programs. (App-based providers rely on passenger reviews and not contracted service level agreements to ensure implementation of agreed-upon protocols.)

As companies consider return-to-work strategies, some may lean on car services to get employees to and from the office, particularly in urban areas where the alternative is public transport. Chauffeured transportation may also offer an alternative to some short-haul flights. In addition to reduced exposure to groups of people, it may offer a time-savings opportunity, as airports and airlines introduce health and safety measures into their passenger screening processes.

Source: Business Travel News

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