LaGuardia Airport’s operations manager recently announced the following changes for the LGA Terminal B parking garage:

  • E-ZPass scanners and License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology is now being used to capture billing information when a car passes the entry lane. To simplify the exiting process, payments are being made through E-ZPass. Vehicles without E-ZPass are being direct billed to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • Those authorized to park (permit holders) can no longer use their proximity cards to enter or exit. License plate recognition now validates the vehicle’s parking authorization. (Important: If a permit holder’s license plate is not registered under the permit authorization, the vehicle will be charged the applicable parking rate.)
  • No cash or credit cards are being accepted in the garage for payment.
  • Cash no longer is being accepted to pay for parking using “Pay on Foot” machines. Those units now are closed.
  • The free time limit in the garage is one hour. Thereafter, the charge is $5 for each half-hour, with a daily maximum charge of $39.
  • In addition to the payment changes, changes have also been implemented for pick-up areas. New drive lanes have been added and Pick-Up Area K has been eliminated. Pick-Up Areas F, G, H and J continue to be available.

Other changes may be made if deemed necessary to streamline vehicle circulation.

Source: LANJ

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