Carmel Car & Limousine announced in October it is joining efforts to reduce traffic in Manhattan’s most congested areas (below 96th street) by launching Carmel Pool, a new option that allows passengers to request, and make themselves available to share rides with another party that has similar pick-up and drop-off locations.

“We thought it was important to do our part to try to reduce congestion by pooling likeminded parties located close to each other and going to the same general area,” explained Avik Kabessa, Carmel’s CEO. “In addition to the benefit of having fewer vehicles in congested areas, those that share rides with another party enjoy a discount on the fare and split the cost of tolls, if they are used.”

Carmel’s Pool Option will initially be offered only to customers calling 866-666-6666 to reserve a car, allowing the company to test the program in a controlled environment and determine customer demand. In the coming months, the Pool Option may also be made available for online reservations (, and for customers booking rides on the Carmel App.

“Carmel transports thousands of passengers to and from New York’s airports daily, making the Pool Option a great opportunity for savings, as many of our customers are already going to the same airport,” adds Kabessa. “Once pooled, customers sharing a ride [can save] between 20% to 30% on the fare and split the cost of tolls. It can amount to a large saving with very little inconvenience. Our goal is to minimize travel time, adding no more than 15 minutes to a customer’s journey.”

Source: Carmel Car and Limousine Service

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