In March, Carmel Car & Limo began allowing passengers to pay for rides using popular cryptocurrencies – a global first, according to the company.

“Simply download or open the Carmel app on iPhone or Android, punch in your destination, and click pay with your preferred crypto – like Bitcoin or Ethereum,” explained a company representative. “It’s that easy to unlock the decentralized Web3 future of ridesharing, thanks to Carmel. When booking online (, select ‘Cryptocurrency’ as your form of payment.”

To streamline each crypto ride, fares will be charged all-inclusively, covering tolls, tips and more in one seamless transaction. Carmel provides sedans, minivans, and SUVs in over 350 worldwide destinations. Passengers can score $36 in car cash + earn free airline miles by using Carmel.

“Car transportation has remained stagnant for far too long while virtual assets rewrite economic paradigms before our eyes,” said Nir Kabessa, a blockchain pioneer advising Carmel. “By embracing decentralization, Carmel chooses to be on the right side of innovation – giving more payment freedom to its tech-savvy clientele. With Carmel’s on-time track record spanning over three decades, passengers can rest assured that Carmel’s encryption technology keeps virtual coins locked down tight while still delivering that classic hospitality to boot.”

“We did it again,” added Carmel CEO, Dr. Avik Kabessa. “While keeping our customers connected digitally, we continue upholding supreme safety, care, low cost, on time performance and accountability every mile. Cryptocurrency furthers convenience without compromising our commitment to quality service at unbeatable prices.”

Source: Yahoo Finance

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