Giovanni Porta, a self-described car enthusiast, recently purchased a retired New York City taxicab and drove it home to Burnaby, British Columbia. The Ford Crown Victoria taxi was a working cab from 2012 to 2018.

Porta told CTV News his friends thought he was crazy when he told them of his plan to drive the vehicle home, but he says they now they enjoy riding in it.

“I think at some point they’re going to be a piece of history, similar to how we see the checker cabs of the past,” said Porta, who admitted to being a little nervous embarking on a coast-to-coast trip. He now drives the cab around Metro Vancouver, to the confusion of some.

“Occasionally you’ll have the person trying to wave me down, or even get into my car while I’m in traffic,” Porta mused. Others, he said, wonder why a NYC taxi is all the way in B.C., with one person asking if it was part of a film shoot, and another thinking it was completing a trip that started in NYC.

The cab came with a meter, dispatcher, medallion and NYC guidebook. Porta plans to restore the taxi to its original working state and keep it long term.

Source: CTV News

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