The MTA launched the next phase of its bus lane camera enforcement in Dec., ticketing drivers who illegally block the lane and slow down traffic along the M15 Select Bus line in Manhattan. The M15 averages just 4.8mph.

The first tickets were issued at First Avenue and East 59th Street. More than 15,000 violations were recorded during the 60-day trial period, with thousands of warnings issued once the fixed-post and bus-mounted cameras went live in Oct.

While drivers may cross into the bus lane to make turns at intersections, the cameras automatically capture any vehicle that’s standing in a bus lane or at a bus stop for more than five minutes. Fines range from $50 to $250.

The automated bus lane enforcement system has been installed on 51 buses on the M15 select bus service route and will be coming to the B44 and M14 routes this fall.

Source: ABC7 New York

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