In a push to ensure that drivers who participate in the New York Black Car Fund (BCF) enjoy the many benefits available to them – paid for by riders through a small surcharge on every ride – the BCF has been conducting outreach in recent months. Thanks to the hard work of the BCF and the Independent Drivers Guild, the organization’s Drivers Benefits were expanded this year. They now include new health benefits, in addition to the many benefits drivers have enjoyed for years.

24/7 Telemedicine. Connect any time – day or night – with a medical provider by phone, app or webcam for a wide variety of conditions, including COVID-19 symptoms. Use this helpful benefit to avoid the time, expense, and exposure of going in person to a medical office or Urgent Care facility.

Dental Insurance. Dental Insurance is essential for helping drivers keep their teeth healthy. Cleanings, x-rays and an annual exam became free in February.

Vision Insurance. Good vision is essential to the safety and health of drivers, and drivers now enjoy no-cost, routine annual eye exams and eyewear.

Prescription Discounts. Drivers save on prescription medications at thousands of participating pharmacies, including CVS, Duane Reade, RiteAid, Walgreens, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway and more.

Urgent Care Discounts. Drivers now enjoy discounts on Urgent Care services at Metropolitan New York City locations.

Diagnostic Imaging Discounts. If a doctor orders a diagnostic image for a driver’s care plan, that driver will now have access to a network of providers who offer discounts of 20-80% on an MRI, CT, or PET scan.

IDG Mental Health & Wellness Program. Drivers can access counseling services to help manage stress, lifestyle changes, and cope with day-to-day concerns, at no cost to them.

Drivers can Click here to activate their benefits.

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