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In an effort to make charging Electric Vehicles (EVs) more accessible, the New Jersey Senate passed legislation in January to facilitate the development of an EV charging infrastructure. The bill (S-3223), which was sponsored by Senators Bob Smith and Kip Bateman, seeks to make EV charging infrastructure “an inherently beneficial use of land” pursuant to the “Municipal Land Use Law” – so only a minor site plan approval would be required, rather than the use of a variance.

“Electric vehicle charging has proven to be inherently beneficial since it benefits the public good and promotes the general welfare of a community,” said Smith. “As a state, we have a goal to have 330,000 registered electric cars in New Jersey by 2025, and in order to achieve this goal, we must act now and begin developing more vehicle charging stations. With this bill, constructing new charging stations will be easier, allowing us to remain on track to reach this goal.”

Source: Insider NJ

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