On November 16, the Black Car Fund (BCF) offered free comprehensive eye exams and free glasses (or contact lenses) to drivers at Vital Transportation in Long Island City, NY. The eye exams not only addressed general eyesight issues, but overall optic health as well. Through the BCF’s vision program, drivers are eligible for a free pair of glasses every year (with more than 200 frames to choose from), or a 6-month supply of contact lenses.

The BCF Mobile Eye Care Center is a new benefit, offered at no cost to Drivers. It is administered by the IDG Benefits Fund, funded by The Black Car Fund, with vision services completed by GVS (General Vision Services).

According to Ira Goldstein, executive of the BCF, “Our goal in the development and funding of this all-new benefit is multi-faceted. Just as fatigued driving is extremely dangerous, so is driving without proper glasses, should they be required to see properly. While many people think driving with slightly blurry vision is acceptable, that is simply not true. It’s also not just about maintaining Driver safety, but also aimed at making sure the public is protected. With 75% of all American adults requiring some sort of prescription glasses to see properly, as the winter months settle in and daylight becomes increasingly shorter, it is of extreme urgency to make sure Drivers are fully equipped to facilitate the safest driving possible.”

BCF Member bases interested in getting a free visit from The BCF Mobile Eye Care Center can call (212) 269-4800 or visit www.nybcf.org for more information.

The program is a new permanent benefit offering. The truck is operational and out in the field every week. However, with GVS as a partner, Drivers eligible for this benefit may take advantage of the service at any GVS location – no appointment needed. If a Driver wishes to be seen only at a GVS location, the staff on-board the van can set-up specific appointments.

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