According to attorney Daniel L. Ackman, countless drivers have been adversely affected by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission’s (TLC’s) “suspension-on-arrest program,” which has now been in place for more than two decades.

“For years, suspended drivers always had the right to a hearing, but for decades, no driver – NOT ONE – ever won reinstatement through the hearing process,” explained Ackman. “But a dramatic change took place in 2019, when the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that the hearing process was a sham, fundamentally unfair and unconstitutional. Since then, drivers have been afforded legitimate hearings. Those who take advantage of the process now usually win.”

In 2021, 80% of the drivers charged won their cases, he says. “The problem is most drivers do not seem to know they can win, and a very low percentage of suspended drivers request hearings.”

Ackman is looking for drivers who have been charged under the TLC’s suspension-on-arrest program to launch a class action lawsuit. He estimates that at least 10,000 drivers would qualify and asks that affected drivers contact him via email at or by phone at 917-282-8178.

“Going forward, our goal is for more drivers to seek reinstatement through the hearing process,” he said. “We believe that a large majority of those who pursue reinstatement will win. We also want to win damages for drivers who were denied fair hearings in the past.”

Source: The Law Office of Daniel L. Ackman

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