The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is reporting record-high levels of customer satisfaction for its often-maligned Access-A-Ride program – which offers door-to-door transportation within New York City to persons who, because of a physical or mental disability, are unable to use public transit buses or subways. In February, the MTA released new data showing that customer satisfaction for the program reached its highest point since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Sept. 2021 to Jan. 2023, on-time performance among primary carriers – the iconic blue-and-white Access-A-Ride vans – rose from 90% to 98%. During that same time span, on-time performance among broker services – rides completed by taxis and for-hire vehicles – increased from 84% to 95%.

Currently, the MTA defines on-time performance for Access-A-Ride trips as those that reach their destination within 30 minutes of the expected drop-off, though the agency is in the process of tightening that window to 20 minutes.

The rise in on-time performance has coincided with an increase in customer satisfaction, with a pandemic-era record 76% of riders stating they were satisfied with the service during January’s survey.

The agency is looking to make additional improvements to the service with various new features, including the MYmta website and app, which makes it easier for riders to book and track their trips. In the app, banner alerts and notifications provide riders with updates on delays and cancellations.

Source: SI Live

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