The North Shore needs “smart” traffic lights as developments rise along the St. George waterfront, says Councilwoman Debi Rose. Rose (D-North Shore) recently penned a letter to the city Department of Transportation (DOT), noting the investment in commercial and residential developments in her district, and asked that the traffic light infrastructure be updated to match.

So far, Staten Island has seen seven smart lights — using sensors to route vehicle and pedestrian traffic – installed at intersections. They help move traffic along more efficiently than traditional traffic lights. But there are none on the North Shore.

Most recently, the DOT announced it would install a “smart” left turn signal for cars making the turn from Hylan Boulevard onto Midland Avenue in Grant City. Rose asked the DOT to install the “smart” lights at all intersections adjacent to the developments along Bay Street and Richmond Terrace in St. George. While the city agency seemed open to the idea, they said they have plans to make adjustments to existing signals.

A DOT spokesperson said, “We certainly will evaluate Council Member Rose’s request. But traffic signal timing along the major North Shore corridors leading to the St. George Ferry terminal should happen shortly, based on the outlet center’s planned opening in March 2018. As per stipulations included in the environmental impact statement, the developers are required to sponsor traffic signal adjustments and other mitigation measures. Careful monitoring of traffic also is planned immediately after the opening, with the possibility of other traffic signal timing alterations, if necessary.”



Article by Michele Norton
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