Frank Trolly has clocked in more than 62 years behind the wheel of cab. At 89, he calls himself “one of the originals” and currently drives a Nissan NV200. Trolly typically starts his 12-hour days at a garage in Astoria at 4:00am. He estimates he’s logged at least a million miles since getting his hack license – No. 062838 – for $5 in 1960. Back then, he says, it cost just a quarter to get in a cab but the streets had a much rougher edge to them. He recalled almost 30 cab drivers being killed in 1960.

Over the years, he’s transported the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Burt Lancaster, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman and Ed Koch.

A spokesperson for the Taxi & Limousine Commission said only one other driver older than Trolly has had their license longer, but Trolly has driven significantly more trips – more than 41,300 since 2014.

Source: New York Post

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