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Ford Motor Co is working with scientists at Purdue University on a patent-pending plan to slash the average time it takes to recharge Electric Vehicles (EVs) at charging stations – from an estimated 25 minutes to 5 minutes. Their goal is to make the technology viable by 2023, which would be huge step toward making EVs more viable for everyday use.

Leading the project is Professor Issam Mudawar, 66, a mechanical engineer who came to the U.S. from Beirut nearly 40 years ago. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, he worked on jumbo jets and spaceships prior to this project, which is focusing on creating a charging cable capable of handling the task. Since batteries can overheat when charged too quickly, auto makers have been trying to figure out a way to cool down the process. Rather than redesign the battery, Mudawar’s team is instead working to cool the process down.

The new cable design uses liquid to cool the cable, then turns the liquid to vapor. Using this alternative cooling method, the team has designed a cable that delivers a current 4.6 times faster than the fastest available EV chargers on the market by removing up to 24.22 kilowatts of heat.

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