A recent “safety report” revealed that more than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported during 1.3 billion Uber rides in the U.S. in 2018 – including 235 rapes. The company says both drivers and riders were among those attacked.

In 2017, the company counted 2,936 reported sexual assaults – including 229 rapes – during 1 billion U.S. trips. Uber bases its numbers on reports from riders and drivers, meaning the actual numbers could be much higher. Sexual assaults commonly go unreported.

Uber and competitor Lyft have faced harsh criticism for not doing enough to protect the safety of their riders and drivers. Dozens of women are suing Lyft, claiming the company should have done more to protect them from driver assaults.

The companies have both formed partnerships with sexual assault prevention networks and other safety groups, touting their driver background check policies. But many say they haven’t gone far enough to protect passengers and drivers.

Uber said it plans to release its safety report every two years going forward. Lyft said in 2018 it would also release a safety report, although the company hasn’t announced a release date yet.

Experts say the vast majority of assaults could have been prevented by measures such as cameras in the cars.

Sexual assault in the report is defined broadly into categories, including non-consensual kissing of a non-sexual body part, attempted non-consensual sexual penetration, non-consensual touching of a sexual body part, non-consensual kissing of a sexual body part and non-consensual sexual penetration.

Source: Crain’s New York Business

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