The New York State Thruway Au­thor­ity an­nounced in December that ap­prox­i­mately 250,000 qual­i­fied res­i­dents of Rock­land and Westch­ester coun­ties will have their E-ZPass tags au­to­mat­i­cally en­rolled in the new Gov­er­nor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Res­i­dent Dis­count Plan be­fore new rates take ef­fect on Jan­u­ary 1, 2021. Those in the pro­gram will see their bridge toll re­main at its cur­rent level – $4.75 per trip – through the end of 2022. Reg­u­lar E-ZPass dri­vers will pay $5.25.

Mean­while, Rock­land and Westch­ester E-ZPass NY cus­tomers en­rolled in the Gov­er­nor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Com­muter Plan will pay $3.15 per trip start­ing Jan. 1 – or $1.60 less per trip than those in the res­i­dent dis­count plan. In­tended for those who fre­quently cross the bridge, the com­muter plan pro­vides a 40% dis­count on 20 trips taken in 30 days. A min­i­mum of 20 trips per month are re­quired. If fewer than 20 trips are taken per month, dri­vers will be charged for each trip not taken. Ap­prox­i­mately 25,000 cus­tomers cur­rently take ad­van­tage of the com­muter plan.

Qual­i­fied res­i­dents who have an email listed on their E-ZPass NY ac­count will re­ceive an email be­fore Jan­u­ary 1, with de­tails re­gard­ing the dis­count plan.

Source: The Hudson Independent

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