In preparation for the L-train shutdown in April, the city has begun altering the appearance of streets at anticipated congestion points. The storm-related repairs to the East River crossing could drive 275,000 daily underground commuters to ground level at 14th Street, where the city plans to direct cars from the thoroughfare and run 80 buses per hour.

In the past few weeks the traffic lanes at 14th Street intersections between Third and Ninth avenues have been painted red, which will signal that motorists must exit. By April, white Bus Only wording will be stenciled in the black boxes to make the message clear. Similar restricted lanes are planned for Delancey Street between the Williamsburg Bridge and the Bowery.

Those are just some of the road alterations being made to mitigate the L-pocalypse. In addition to the bus lanes, protected bike lanes have been installed on 12th, 13th, Delancey and other streets for the onrush of commuters expected to cycle from Brooklyn over the Williamsburg Bridge. Also to come are pedestrian walkways on 14th Street to relieve jammed sidewalks, as well as designated curbside loading zones for businesses.

Some of the measures could become long-term if they prove successful. But once the Canarsie Tunnel repairs are completed, the city said, 14th Street’s asphalt will be black again.

Source: Crain’s New York Business

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