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The Time is Now! Help Repeal the Sales Tax
The Black Car Assistance Corporation (BCAC) and the Limousine Bus Taxi Operators of Upstate New York (LBT) have reignited their efforts to repeal the sales tax on service that affects Black Car and Limousine services in New York State. The tax, which is not charged on competing industries, has been a thorn in the side of operators for years now.

In June, the groups started a campaign to have the sales tax repealed through legislation in Albany. They gained great momentum and got well over 1,000 signatures on their petition. Unfortunately, while they made great progress, through increased support among legislators and new light shed on this unfair and business damaging tax, they did not make it across the goal line. However, their efforts did not stop there!

We are now reinvigorating the fight with another round of grassroots efforts, along with work behind the scenes with our political consultants, as our legislators prepare the 2014 budget, says Ira Goldstein, Executive Director of the BCAC.

At the beginning of October, Governor Cuomo launched a new Tax Relief Commission to identify ways to reduce $3 billion in tax burdens on New York's families and businesses, with the goal of making New York State more competitive to do business and fuel economic growth. The Commission will make recommendations to the Governor by December 6, 2013 to be included in the Governor's 2014 State of the State message and legislative agenda. The Commission is being led by former Governor Pataki and Comptroller Carl McCall among six other members.

We, along with our political consultants, believe this is the time to move on repealing the sales tax; it's now or never! explains Goldstein. We need industry-wide support to spur our legislators into action.

The BCAC and LBT have started a new petition to the Tax Relief Commission and encourage you to sign it and pass it on for base staff, drivers, friends, and family to sign as well. This is the biggest issue facing our industry and the opportunity to use our democratic resources to petition our government to fight for us is now! You can sign the petition by going to With each signature, an email is sent to important decision makers to highlight the importance of this issue! Every signature counts. We'd like to get a few thousand this time!

Don't Waste Time, Take a Few Seconds to Sign the Petition and Pass it On to Everyone You Know!

For more information on who your local representative is and the fight against the sales tax visit