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LYFT to Be a TLC-Licensed Service in NYC
After intense negotiations, the New York City Taxicab & Limousine Commission (TLC) has announced that it is licensing app company, LYFT to provide for-hire service.

According to the TLC, LYFT drivers will be:

" Drug-tested annually and for cause

" Required to take a State-Certified Defensive Driving Course that must be updated every three years

" Fingerprinted for a governmental criminal background check, with ongoing monitoring for criminal and traffic infractions

" Subject to a strict point-related code of standards to assure their responsible operation

" Required to drive vehicles that are inspected six times over a two-year period, with one inspection conducted at the TLCs own state-of-the-art facility for more than 200 points

" Required to protect their passengers with for-hire insurance at a minimum level of $300,000 in liability and $200,000 in Personal Injury Protection

" Required to be affiliated with a licensed base station that will be fully accountable for the vehicles and drivers they dispatch

" Must provide equivalent service to passengers who use wheelchairs, as well as passengers who are not wheelchair users

TLC Chair Meera Joshi stated: We are pleased to welcome Lyft as a fully-licensed for-hire service in New York City, and appreciate their having fulfilled their commitment to the TLC and to the court to act within the law. Working with Lyft, as we have with many other innovative technology providers to welcome them into the New York market, has given the TLC a unique window into the ways for-hire transportation is evolving to better serve passengers, and as long as we ensure that public safety and consumer protection is at the forefront of these efforts, the city will benefit.